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a day to remember

A short video edit of my journey up to see Nick Pope, England and Premier League Goalkeeper for Burnley FC.

From where I started, never would I have thought I would be selling my abstract paintings to a professional football player! I was accompanied by my wife on the journey up to see Nick and it was great to sit down with him and have a chat about how he started his career, the struggles he faced and what kept him motivated to keep pursuing his dreams during the difficult times.

On my journey to becoming an abstract artist, and as with any profession, I faced difficulties along the way, but I remained motivated knowing that people would like my work. As an artist, it's difficult to know exactly where the journey is taking you but unless you jump on for the ride, you will never know.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased my abstract art! It means the world to me that my work graces your home and brings a new dimension to your interior.

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