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A new piece with colour!

A new abstract painting with blue and metallic gold.

Hello all!

I've just added a new piece of work to my collection - and finally something with a bit of colour! As you all know, I like to use minimal and predominantly 'interior' focused colours in my abstract art but every now and again I like to work with colour and I'm not afraid to mix things up.

The inspiration behind this abstract painting was the sky and in particular a certain sky that happens usually once a month. Have you ever looked up at the sky in the evening and seen a moon illuminating blue?

I had a dream of this moon very recently and what I saw was so vivid. It's strange because I usually draw the inspiration from my paintings from things I see with my eyes. This is the first painting I have used inspiration from my sub-conscious visualisation.

I really enjoyed using the darker shades of blue in this piece to give the feeling of a dark night sky and I created the texture on this abstract painting to flow across the middle of the piece on purpose.

Using more intense and concentrated metallic gold shades to give the impression of the illuminating moon really helped me to bring together my inspiration for this piece. I surrounded the metallics and the dark blue with touches of black & white to add some contrast but also give the piece the feeling of a cold winter evening.

If you'd like to see more of the piece, please check it out on my shop now!

Thank you all for your continued support.



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