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  • Rajan Seth

Process of a Bespoke Abstract Commission

Last month I was commissioned to do an oversized statement piece of art for my clients' home in Queens Park, North West London. In the heart of the open planned living area, there was a very large space, and of course with extra high ceilings, so we agreed on a painting size of 250 x 150 cm, to ensure the space was filled nicely but not too overpowering.

I asked my client to go through my instagram page and then send images of the abstract paintings that she liked of mine, whether it was close ups of textured, metallic gold, finished paintings or works in progress. This really helps me home in on what my client likes and what the overall aesthetic of the piece would be.

There are two types of abstract paintings that I primarily focus on, one being with the use of texture and paint, and the other with inks and golds. I've developed these styles over time (more recently the inks) and I am finding them to be extremely popular.

After having a more in depth discussion, my client decided to go for an ink painting to fit in with the vibe of her home, and it was certainly the right decision. We wanted to mimic the colours of the ocean, have metallic gold running the edge of the water, and also create some space by having white areas round the outside of the painting.

We also decided to finish the painting in a slim matte black frame to add some contrast around the edges.

Overall, the piece took 5 weeks to complete, including a lot of drying time! As the client was in London, the drying time was a little less, but when I send my abstract art abroad, especially to the likes of New York, Chicago, California, I always allow some extra drying time knowing the painting will have a long journey to its final destination.

There was a lot of layering involved in the both of the outside of the painting, which is made using natural material and paint, and similarly the ink area, which is extremely technical and likely to cause a big mess in the studio when I am trying to balance the flow of water on the canvas!

Final piece

I love the vibrancy of the colours and the way the inks flow, giving the piece more character and by using darker shades of colour around the outside of the centred ink area has really brought to life the feelings of deeper water in the sea, with lighter hues of blue in more central areas to mimic shallower water.

In my clients home, contrasting against the colours of the sofa and cushions, this painting has a real dominance about it, and with the added benefit of natural light, this really allows all of the vibrancy to be witnessed in all its glory.

I would love to get your thoughts on this piece, so please do leave a comment, and share this across social media and don't forget to tag me!

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