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breaking the trend

Find out more about how I gave up my career as an accountant to become an abstract artist.

We live in a generation where our parents have moved to the UK from overseas and laid strong foundations, sacrificing their lives in order to set their children up for future.

As a result of the struggles they have faced, their is an underlying expectation to pursue a profession that 'pays the bills' and is one of the most obvious reasons for British Asians not moving into more creative fields.

My choice to pursue accountancy as a career was mostly to keep my parents happy, but after 5 jobs and 4 redundancies, my well-being and happiness was challenged. I faced a very difficult period in my life, which would prove to be the turning point and motivate me to follow my passion.

As someone who grew up painting intuitively, I started to use painting as a form of expressing my emotions and began experimenting with abstract techniques. It became part of my everyday routine to paint my frustrations and feelings, and use pretty much any medium or surface to produce pieces of abstract art work that portrayed more than just paint on canvas.

As my parents saw me commit more and more time in the studio, I knew I had to have the conversation to tell them about my intentions to put accountancy to the side and to see where my painting journey would take me.

When my first few commission orders came in, and as my social media presence started to grow, my parents began to see me much happier both personally and professionally and came round to the fact that I might do this full time.

Three years on, I look back thankful of the decision I made and count myself very fortunate to be doing what I love best as a job. Filling collectors homes with my original abstract art work is something I take great pride in, and I am so grateful to have parents who are supportive of my ambitions.

To browse my latest collection works, please click the link below:

For any commission requests, please e-mail or click the link below:


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