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Client reactions caught on video!

Watch some of the most special moments as clients react to seeing their new abstract art commissions for the first time.

Being able to do what you love as job is a privilege, and an even great privilege is being able to see the happiness on my clients faces when they see their new abstract painting for the first time.

As an abstract artist in London, I love to deliver my paintings personally wherever I can. Its a great chance for me to meet you in person (if I haven't already) and see the art work in its new home! People forget that artists see the commissions they create everyday for a number of weeks and they become part of the furniture, so letting them go is sometimes quite hard! But when I see the reactions on my clients faces I know I have done something truly special and it fills me with happiness and joy. It's one of the best feelings you can possibly have, that of satisfaction and gratefulness to be gracing my art work in your interior for years to come.

Let's begin with the first video below of a huge commission for a lovely client based in Mayfair. This piece is size 250 x 210 cm with a bronze frame. This abstract art commission was initially size 250 x 220 cm but we had to reduce the size to 210 cm so it could actually fit through her door!

The next video below is a rather special one. I was commissioned from a client in California who somehow came across my work on social media. She commissioned a 8ft x 6ft painting for her stunning hallway. I can honestly say this abstract painting was one of the best I've ever completed as a colour palette and her reaction made it all the more worthwhile after me and my father has struggled for hours on end manoeuvring such a large painting for framing and shipping! I can't wait to become a bigger abstract artist in the US and hope to sell more of my abstract paintings in the USA in years to come.

As the video is a little blurry, here's an image of how the art work looked in situ!

Thank you so much for your continued support, I can't wait to share more videos with you! In the meantime, please check out my youtube channel where I have been videoing some colourful abstract paintings for you all!

The link to my youtube account is:


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