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frame time

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Should I frame my canvas? Do I have to? Why might I want to? Let’s delve into the topic here.

A question I often get asked by my clients is whether it's worth framing a piece of art work. With many different factors to consider, such as the setting in which the art is being hung, the texture and style of the painting, and your own style and taste, it can be quite a tricky decision!

With some of my abstract paintings, I prefer to have the sides exposed, particularly when I am working with large amounts of texture which have overspilled onto the sides. I quite like having an edgy and unfinished look to the piece and if I was to frame it, I feel the art would be compromised. So, it's important that a canvas frame completes a look as oppose to interfering with it.

Another important factor to consider is which room the art is being displayed. I tend to advise clients to leave a canvas unframed in rooms such as bedrooms for a more softer finish. That said, the majority of my abstract art is displayed in more communal areas such as hallways and living rooms, in which case I do like to see canvas paintings framed to fit both the style of the art and the setting.

The frames I use for my paintings are 'floating frames', which are elegant and provide a graceful seperation between the frame and canvas.

Floating frames allow for a slight space or 'float' between the canvas and the inside edge of the frame, giving the art a recessed perspective. These frames are attached to the canvas from the back and therefore do not cover the image with a lip on the front, the main advantage being that it exposes 100% of the art work to the viewer.

A personal favourite of mine is the classic slim black frame which is both contemporary and not too overpowering for an art work. With most of my abstract paintings being fairly neutral in colour with a metallic finish, choosing a frame that is quite loud and contrasting can be very detrimental to the art work. That being said, I am seeing lots of gold, bronze, and pewters in my clients interior, in which case choosing a frame to match the interior decor may not be the worst idea!

With such a wide range of frames to choose frame, which one will you go for?

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