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how do i choose the right art work?

With endless options, deciding on a painting scheme and style for your room can be a real challenge. Here are my best tips to help you with your decision.

When selecting a piece of art work, whether off the shelf or a commission, it's important to visualise not only how the painting would look on the wall, but how it would work with the interior space. The colours, style, size will all differ depending on which room you are looking to fill.


The bedroom is a retreat, a place for relaxation and the art work should reflect that.

Abstract paintings with soothing colours or tones tend to work best in these spaces. Keep the canvases natural (un-framed) to focus on the painting itself as oppose to its border.

Living room

With so much of our own and our guests time spent here, most of us feel the pressure to get this right. The colours in the abstract art should be reflective of your personality and style. If possible, you can opt for one large-scale piece sitting above the sofa, or the mantle place.

My personal favourites to use are navy & grey with a metallic finish (gold/copper/silver). Adding a reflective surface is key to making use of the natural light in the space and opening new dimensions.


One of the most commonly forgotten rooms in terms of art work is the kitchen/diner. The kitchen is often referred to as the "heart of the home" and in many cases, the most used room of the house. There is no question, art needs to be incorporated here. 

Lean towards pieces that compliments the interior, not overwhelm the space. A metallic finish always works best here, and a frame to add contrast to the work.

One piece of advice, always go with your gut! It's normally got the right idea..

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