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I love this piece!

An update on my life, things going on, and recent work.

Rarely do I write about a specific piece of art that I've created. But something that I have been working on behind the scenes is trying to master the use of alcohol ink. Different to acrylic paints in its depth and fluidity, ink has been a revelation in my work over the last few months. I love mixing different shades together and seeing the colours physically change on the surface, without having to mix or blend together.

I feel this has really helped me change the direction of my abstract art. As you know I love metallic abstract paintings, so the use of gold in a new style of painting has been refreshing to learn and I am so happy with the way the gold is shining across the surface, adding a real contrast to it's surroundings. I have been collaborating with a brand called Jackson's art, and I am so impressed with the quality of their products.

In this piece above, I started the abstract painting by firstly priming the canvas. Once dry, I started the process of layering using a mixture of blue and grey hues. I left this to dry a few days, and came back to layer with metallic gold. In the meanwhile, while the ink was drying, I created some texture around the sides using some natural materials, this really added some contrast to the smoother central surface.

The end result is really fluid and I love the way the colours have infused together naturally, without having to physically mix anything together. Also the gold is so vibrant, as shines throughout the canvas, and from different directions, adding a beautiful reflective dimension to the overall piece.

I would love to get your thoughts on this piece, so please do leave a comment, and share this across social media and don't forget to tag me!

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