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Working on a piece of art work takes time. Check out my first YouTube time lapse my layering process on a commission I completed for a London apartment.

My process of producing an abstract painting varies from piece to piece, but one thing that remains consistent across all of my works is layering over time. But why is it so important?

Depth is a basic building block in any form of visual art. It is an important element in any composition as it creates a strong sense of reality in a painting. It can be defined as the illusion of distance or three-dimension on a two-dimensional or flat surface. A lack of depth in a composition means it will be less than lifelike.

In my abstract paintings, I tend to use a mixture of oil and acrylic paint which have different properties and drying times. The benefit of using a mixture of both I have found the best way to layer is not to wait until all of the paint has dried, but manipulate the surface whilst there is still fluidity. The style of art will play a big factor in determining the number of layers necessary in an art work, and of course there is no right or wrong answer, but I try to aim for at least 10+ layers in my abstract art works.

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