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  • Rajan Seth

Life update

An update on my life, things going on, and recent work.

The last few months have been extremely busy, working on a number of commissions for clients all over the world. I've been working on paintings that have gone to USA, Germany, Spain, Israel, Australia, Singapore to name a few. I'm so grateful for everyone who has purchased or commissioned a bespoke piece of art from me, it's such an amazing feeling to know that people round the world like your abstract art, and want an abstract painting that's yours for their homes.

Given the focus has been on commissions, I haven't had a huge number of pieces produced for my collection in the studio. But those that I have produced have been using a new style of work, which I'm loving. I'm taking my abstract paintings in a new direction, and I think it's healthy to be trying new things, experimenting with new materials, and ultimately learning who I want to be an as artist. I love the fact that I'm still learning so much and am on this journey to learn more about myself. I have loved using ink in my abstract paintings, and resin too. Although resin less so because it's extremely messy to work with, so word of advice, make sure your floor is covered!

Here are some of my latest works i've produced above. I have loved the contrast between the intricate texture and the ink, it's so refreshing and beautiful. I'm still very much in the process of experimenting with materials, so my style is still evolving with these new concepts and ideas. The works have all been made using a mixture of natural materials, inks, and finished with 22ct gold leaf.

At the moment, I have a sale of 10% on my work using code : RAJAN10 on my website.

The link to my website shop is:

Thanks as always for your continued support.


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