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music in the studio

find out what I listen to in the studio to get my creativity flowing & new updates!

One of the first things I bought when my studio was in the process of being renovated was a speaker from Sonos. I'm a big believer that creativity drives creativity and when I'm in the studio working on an abstract painting I have to be in the right frame of mind to bring out the best in my work. I love to listen to all types of music, whether it be Jazz in the morning or some liquid drum and bass in the afternoon, music evokes different and unique emotions which have a direct impact on my abstract art. s

My favourite artists to listen to at the moment are Masego and French Kiwi Juice (FKJ), and I have made a Spotify playlist which shuffles throughout the day with various songs by these artists. These two artists' music touches my soul in a way I haven't experienced with any other music. It's the combination of the soft beats, the intricate vocals and the rhythm of the sax which brings out the best in my work.

I've also been listening to podcasts a little more in the studio. I like to listen to other entrepreneurs and learn from their own experiences. There's a specific podcast called 'The Diary of a CEO' ( which has been particularly inspiring for me and it's a great listen. If you've had an ambition to run your own company and understand more about the sacrifices that are required to have such a respected job title, this one is for you!

In conclusion, whatever music or podcasts you choose to listen to in your studio, make sure it inspires you in a unique way, and I guarantee your creativity will thank you for it.

So what else is going on in the world of a London abstract artist?

As you may be aware, I have recently launched my youtube channel where I will uploading some videos of me working on abstract paintings in my London studio. Here's a prime example of how the music can take you in a direction and although it is not directly measurable I can assure you the music in the background has an impact on the way you work and the decisions you make in the studio.

Watch one of my latest youtube videos in my studio below:

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I've written a bit more about the youtube channel in a separate blog which you can read here:

In addition to launching my new youtube channel, I've been working on some amazingly large commissions for clients in USA. I'm not sure how these clients have found me but I'm so over the moon to have created some unique abstract art to send to the states! As far as clients go, I have been starting to sell more of my abstract art not only in London, but now in Europe which is an overwhelming feeling and something I'm very proud of. I will be sharing some of my latest works in my next blog on the pieces that I have sent to Europe. In the meanwhile, stay safe, enjoy good music, and stay inspired!

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