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My latest commission!

I've thoroughly enjoyed working on my latest abstract painting, here's a bit more about it.

The last few months have been an opportunity to keep experimenting in the studio on new techniques and styles. I've really enjoyed the chance to try something new, and I am so happy with the results I've been achieving in the studio. Art is about manipulation and having fun, and sometimes when you are continuously working on the same designs, it can become very repetitive, so it's important for me to stretch out of my comfort zone as my style comes together, and I draw more inspiration from my experiences with nature.

My latest abstract art commission is being sent to Australia, and honestly I still can't believe that my art is going all over the world! The brief for this commission was to first have a more neutral textured background of whites and very light creams. This will then be overlaid with a number of different inks running through the middle of the painting to give a real statement and fluid effect. In this painting we have gone for dark browns, blacks, light golds, and various other supporting shades. As with all my abstract paintings that I make with ink, I manipulate the ink by blowing as oppose to using any fans/other items supplying air movement. I find this way to be so much more engaging for my work and to create a better connection with the piece.

To add some metallics and bring the painting to life, the we added some contrasting golds and textures running on the outside of the painting. I used very special (and expensive!) gold leaf, 22ct. This really adds something completely unique and brings the art to life. I've tried imitation gold leaf but I believe this item to be not long lasting so I tend to avoid it, and I prefer my paintings to have a more opulent feel as this supports the aesthetics of the overall painting.

The manipulation of the ink and making sure it dried in just the right way was key to the overall success of this painting, and through continuous layering I was able to reach a point where the integration of colours and the way they merged together was to my liking and brought about new dimensions and contrast.

This abstract painting took 4 weeks to complete and I am so happy with the results! See below some of the pictures of the final piece! I framed the piece in a metallic bronze frame which complimented the hues of the painting to perfection. As with all of my paintings, you can choose a frame that best suits the work in question.

When working on commissions, I work hard to understand your requirements, your style, and what your vision is for the space you have in mind. I love to bring ideas to life, and it's been a real pleasure to work with all my collectors over the last 4 years, i'm very grateful!

If you'd like to see more of my work that is on for sale at the moment, you can do so on my page and of course,

If you'd like to find out more about having a piece commissioned, you can do so by visiting this link below:

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