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My new abstract paintings

Creating abstract paintings is a mesmerizing journey that allows me to delve into the depths of my imagination and emotions. Each stroke of the brush on the canvas is a dance of colors and forms, weaving together a tapestry of visual sensations. In my latest abstract works I have ventured into uncharted territories, experimenting with bold materials and intricate textures. Each artwork is a manifestation of my innermost thoughts and feelings, translated onto the canvas with spontaneity and passion.

The essence of my new abstract paintings lies in the interplay between chaos and harmony, order and randomness. I embrace the unpredictability of the creative process, allowing the colors to blend and clash, the lines to intertwine and diverge, until a sense of balance emerges from the apparent chaos.

Patera - 160 x 100 cm Through layers of translucent washes and opaque accents, I seek to capture the fleeting moments of beauty and turmoil that define the human experience, inviting viewers to interpret and immerse themselves in the evocative narratives within each composition.

With my abstract art, I draw inspiration from diverse sources - nature's organic forms, urban landscapes, and the complexities of human relationships. Each painting invites viewers on a visual journey, prompting them to explore the depths of their own imagination and emotions.

Concrete Rose - 100 x 100 cm My abstract artworks serve as windows into alternative realities, where colors pulse with life, shapes morph and transform, and emotions resonate with raw intensity. In a world inundated with noise and distractions, my paintings offer moments of respite, inviting viewers to pause, reflect, and find solace in the boundless realms of abstraction.

I invite you to view my collection of works here:


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