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New works after a nice break!

What do you think of my new abstract paintings?

Hello all!

I've been working hard in the studio creating some new works! For those who may have seen, I took a short break recently to find new inspiration, chill out, and refresh myself. I came back a few days ago and have been glued to my studio since. I have a few commissions to finish off but also with all the new ideas I have, I couldn't help but get going and creating again.s

So the themes for my new abstract paintings are very much in keeping with my style, working with neutrals, metallics, subtle pops of colour. My abstract art is simple in its aesthetic as I like not to overcomplicate things too much, so the colours will always remain fairly neutral with a pop of something special.

I love working with metallics, paintings that have the neutrality but then also an added dimension by adding in the reflective element.

Here are some of my latest works:

Piece name : Iris

Size : 100 x 100 cm

Piece name : Súton

Size : 150 x 100 cm

Both of these abstract paintings above have been made with a very similar process - applying layers of texture on the canvas, allowing to dry, repeating the process, and then adding colour as the finish along with the metallics. Each have taken around 4 weeks to complete as each layer is complete and dry.

I'm so so happy with the way they have both turned out, and with a frame added on top, they will bring any interior space to life with their composition and depth.

As always, if you'd like to see more of my work and the abstract paintings I have for sale, you can see them all in my shop here:

If there is any piece that may catch your eye, or you would like to find out more about, perhaps even see some videos, feel free to ask and I will try my best to accomodate!

Thank you all for your continued support.



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