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Opening up to you.

A more personal insight into my world and what's going through my mind right now.

It's just gone midnight, and I can't sleep. I'm sitting on a bed in my spare room watching youtube videos on how to grow my youtube channel (yes I think I'm a bit obsessed!). I came across this awesome YouTuber called Ali Adaal and his videos are so inspiring, they make me want to keep producing and so I decided to start this blog with no real direction or plan, just a blank canvas to throw some paint on (excuse the pun). I love the way he comes across on youtube as genuine person who really wants to help others. I've left a link to his youtube below and it is seriously worth checking out.

So the last few weeks have been really difficult, business has officially come to standstill and in all honesty, i'm finding it incredibly tough to deal with. My life as an abstract artist here in London has been so beyond amazing the last few years, and I've grown both personally and professionally to levels I thought were not possible. Now I have had the taste of success and am starting to see the fruits of my labour, things have come to a halt. I cannot deny that I'm feeling lost at the moment and I'm not sure where to focus my time on to help things get back on track.

Nothing has actually changed in terms of my work and I am still producing just as many paintings to sell on my website, and as you may be aware I have launched my own youtube channel and I'm loving sharing new content with you guys. But the commissions are very hard to come by and they are an integral part of my brand and what I enjoy doing the most. My most recent abstract painting commissions have been in the USA, and in New York, California, and LA which I am buzzing about. But since the turn of the year, the enquiries have dropped, especially in London, and it's fair to say that Covid is well and truly in full flow. And of course, staying safe and providing for your families is the number one priority and it should be.

What's do I miss? I miss going to clients homes, measuring up their wall space and showing them my abstract paintings in person. The idea of being out and about, networking, meeting new connections, and expanding my art knowledge seems so far away it's almost a forgotten memory. If you'd have told me one year ago that this time next year, you won't remember what it's like being an abstract artist, I would've laughed in your face. Seriously though, will things ever go back to normal?

By the way you can check out my latest youtube here or click the video below:

Please do like and share, it really means the world to me that you take the time to watch me in action!

Last year I completed over 50 abstract art commissions in London and USA, which was a record breaking year for me. I'm still living off the success of those commissions a few months one but I'm hungrier than ever to keep going and designing beautiful paintings for your homes. I know I must be patient, but when you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, it's hard.

So what am I focusing on now?

- Producing pieces for my collection. I've designed some amazing pieces recently, none less than my 2020 inspired art work 'F*ck 2020' which is now live (see the link below). Seriously though, Fuck 2020. This piece will be an absolute stunner wherever it ends up. I can imagine it being suspended from the ceiling in a super funky and contemporary interior. Any Donald Trump haters out there?

To see this piece, and my other pieces, click the link below:

- Youtube and I'm aiming to release 2/3 videos per week of abstract art demonstrations. If you're like me and you find art therapeutic, these are for you. I hope you can also learn some simple techniques from these videos although they are sped up to get to the final result sooner (wouldn't want you clicking the escape button without seeing how it actually ends up).

Here's another few links to my videos:

In this video below, I experimented and incorporated two camera angles instead of one. I'm going to seriously improve the quality of the videos over time, but it will not happen overnight!

- tutorials. I get asked the same questions on instagram. How do you get texture on your abstract paintings? What mediums do you use? What are the metallics etc? How do you layer the canvas? ALL of these questions can be answered in my tutorial series which is on my website.

I created this tutorial series to help people learn the fundamental techniques that will invaluable in creating a solid background for abstract paintings. I realise the tutorials cost money and they are priced reasonably given the amount of insight I provide. It would be unfair of me to answer people's questions on instagram about the topics above when others have supported me and my channel by purchasing the tutorials. Please note that I am more than happy to answer any questions relating to the tutorials once you have been through them and I provide my contact details in the last video.


It would mean the world to me if you can support me in purchasing this series. It enables me to create more content and my aim is to keep producing more tutorial videos with greater insight and support.

These three things will be keeping me busy whilst my abstract art commissions are put on hold. I hope things will go back to normal soon so we can all continue our lives and get back to some sort of normality (whatever that is).

I hope that all you lovely people stay safe, protect your loved ones and yourself.

Speak soon,


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I am a huge fan of your work and have bought your tutorial which I use occasionally to guide my own creative process. Thank you for sharing how you are feeling right now. Maybe forget about the ‘selling’ and go back to the passion of just ‘making’. See what magic happens.

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