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starting my youtube channel

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

check in to my new youtube channel and see how I make my abstract paintings!

One of my big goals in 2021 is to start uploading more videos of my abstract art work. I started to upload some videos of my work towards the end of 2020, and I received some amazing feedback from my instagram followers.

As an abstract artist in London, and with so many different styles of painting on social media and youtube, I wanted to put my spin on how I can create simple abstract paintings with minimal tools. The focus for the youtube account will be to create easy and simple acrylic and mixed media paintings that can be followed in a step by step process. I want to give people a chance to be creative and I understand that not everyone can afford to spend thousands of pounds on a piece of art work, so the videos will be a good chance to learn and try for yourself!

As you will be aware, an integral part of my abstract paintings is the use of metallic paints. I love to use metallic gold, silver, copper, and bronze in my art work and I feel this adds new dimensions to a piece of art work, especially as the painting becomes reflective when it is exposed to natural light.

Although my abstract paintings primarily focus on more interior colours such as Navy, Gold, Black, White & Grey, in my youtube videos I will be working with more primary colours and experimenting with the contrast between colour and metallic. In one of my most recent works ('Yugen' - shown below), I have used tones of sea blue and teal and offset with metallic tones which I have found to work wonderfully! You can see the full piece here (

Overall, I'm very excited to be launching my youtube channel, and I would greatly appreciate your support in subscribing, liking, and commenting on my videos! Bring on 2021!

The link to my youtube account is:

To browse my latest collection works, please click the link below:

For any commission requests, please e-mail or click the link below:

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