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What it's like being an artist?

Sharing the real deal of what it's like being an artist, the good, the bad, and everything in between

Before I became an abstract artist, I was working full time in an accountancy role in London. Early wake ups, structured days, someone to report to, and of course the tiring daily commute were some of things I was met with on a day to day basis, much like many of you. It was tiring, doing something I was not only rubbish at, but being fake to people, pretending like I cared, pretending like the job meant so much to me, pretending to care about how my colleagues weekends were and how I could move up the ladder I didn't even want to be on.

Many of us face the same battles, being in a job that is unfulfilling is hard, tiring, and mentally draining. Of course we all have to survive somehow financially, and so I said to myself when I started the transition of becoming an artist that If I could earn half as much as what I was earning as an accountant, I'd gladly walk away. The first few months being self-employed were challenging to say the least, not only because this was a new way of life, but because now I had no-one to tell me what to do, and no one who was going to get me out of bed each morning.

The difficulty in any profession when you sell a product is that there is not much consistency, and I've had to learn that over the years. One day, someone from the USA or Australia will contact me for a commission for an abstract painting, the next someone might purchase my abstract art online course. But what about the days in between when there aren't any sales, or enquiries. Those are the hardest days for me, when I sit wondering when the next sale will be, if I made the right decision to leave my stable income! Always, the answer is yes, and I'm probably the most impatient person going around, so that certainly doesn't help my cause!

What I have to remind myself during any moments of doubt is the progression I have made since I started out as an artist. I have been able to sell my work worldwide, complete commissioned pieces of work, and inspire many of you to be creative and pick up the paintbrush.

'Four Seasons'

150 x 100 cm

Being able to do a job which I love is completely liberating, it free's you from any unnecessary worry, deadline, stress, and unhappiness. I love painting with all my heart. The opportunity to create pieces of art for interiors and homes worldwide is a blessing, and something I count myself fortunate to be doing day to day. That is of course the side of the job that keeps me motivated and inspired to keep creating, and clearly outweighs any negatives that come from being self-employed.

My abstract art is inspired by the natural environment. I love to use natural materials in my work which because of the way we are able to bring the 'outside in'. The use of natural materials in my work combined with my love for metallic gold brings amount new and interesting connection with the world, adding contrast and dimensions that are manifested in a way to bring about structure and balance.


100 x 100 cm

A massive thank you to all those who have purchased my art work, there is so much more to come and I look forward to designing many more special pieces for you all.

Thank you all for your continued support.



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