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course structure

1. introduction 

2. tools & techniques 

3. start the process 

4. texture 

5. metallics

6. thank you 

total course time : 45 mins

this course is beginner friendly and designed to teach you the basic principles of abstract painting. I will be physically and verbally showing you the principles listed above, taking you through the process building base layers, texturing a painting, and adding metallics. I will be sharing with you the tools & materials that are required to get going, and giving you some of my best kept secrets!

please note, this course teaches the basic principles of painting, and is not designed for those at a more advanced level, but there is certainly something to learn here for everyone. No refunds accepted on this course.

1. intro
Reproducir video
  • learn abstract art

    Válido por un año
    • art tutorial series by rajan seth
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